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Updated: May 14, 2020

Never enough...

Thats right, There could never be enough chart hours in a lifetime that would let a trader predict price 100% of the time, every second of the day. It is impossible. There is no existence of it.

Now that that is out of the way, let‘s discuss why it is important.

If you search Forex learning online you will find a plethora of strategies and indicators. Plus the additional one stop scam money grabs all over. Everyone promising click and download profit.

No one is talking about CHART HOURS. They are the best indicator ever. People say your eyes are your best indicator. True, but, your eyes need time studying the chart. If you have no chart hours, your eyes will be your WORST enemy. Do not fall for this.

Now, how many chart hours do you need? Depends. Each person is different and has different psychological barriers. Each traders psychological barriers will be the linchpin holding them either in our out of market OVER-standing.

Success comes with comfortability on the charts. The intimate study with price and the mechanics of the markets movement with your emotions over time. Both in the Forex world and Crypto world.

So what’s the point of this article? The point is to illustrate that as a new trader, if you think you are going to be rich, wealthy, and retired after 40 hours of chart work and weekend of Youtube binging, you are most assuredly setting yourself up for failure.

Our answer and guesstimation? Roughly 10,000 chart/price hours. Since there are 8,765.82 hours in a year and the market is closed on the weekends, that leaves about 6240 chart hours in a year to obtain, if, you study price on a daily basis. WHEW! That a lot of work. Thats right. Nothing comes easy. Don’t Cry. Crying does not make money.

How can that time be shortened? Most the time people spend on there journey is looking and wondering while assessing rabbit holes that take you no where. Seriously, They do not even take you in a circle. Just a long treacherous journey to a crushing dead end with no money and a broke system.

By obtaining 1 on 1 mentorship you can avoid the rabbit holes as they arise. Making sure that your chart hours can be more meaningful. As you can see we need a lot of them for true market trading comfort, and we do not want to waste these hours. Time is money, but with no time, there is no money. It’s a catch 22.

The True Market Order Theory package comes with 25 hours of 1 on 1 training. In the 1st hour, this package provides you with the IMMEDIATE know how of what you are doing and looking at in the market. Immediately. Not after a set time. I do not even move on to other topics until you trust the mechanic.

This mechanic was the last piece I discovered before consistency.

The rest of the 24 hours is dedicated to teaching you how to operate in the market. Whenever you need it.

You can schedule in 30, 60 and 120 hour increments at the times of your choosing.

This package is the best leg up in obtaining the dream of becoming a profitable forex trader.

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