True Market Order Theory

What you will learn.
1. Timing
2. Money Management
3. Fibonacci 
4. Correlation 
5. Box Trading
6. Candles
7. Moving Averages
8. Range Characteristics
9. Sentiment
10. Simple Multi-time frame analysis techniques

1. Real profitable trading immediately
2. Teaches the basic fundamentals of the market
3. Concrete guidance on how to apply patience in the market
4. Builds a resilience to the market’s psychological attacks
5. Perfect way to build muscle memory for money management 
6. Builds MT4 trading skills in the correct steps
7. No waste of time

This is the real deal.
Everything is opposite of what you are being told. 
We promise to correct that. 

Long term, Short term and Scalping.
Knowing the move is the key to not missing  the trade or trading the wrong way.

Generate currency like the market was designed.
Control your own Capital and build your wealth like the banks.
Learn how currency is designed to be used, not some gimmicky strategy.
Defeat all trading barriers with proper trading technique

Lester’s Capital True Market Order Theory
Real Market Mechanics. 

Learn the real way to trade and hold FOREX and CRYPTO.

I will show you exactly why people are losing and how to read without a doubt the best location for your trade. We will discuss AND YOU WILL learn exactly what you wanted to know on why you lose no matter what strategy you choose in the market. 

Every strategy will lose eventually unless you have this epiphany. Quickly absorb what has taken more than a decade worth of chart hours to figure out. You will know exactly when to trade and why with no questions. 

No Headaches No Stress.

Forex and Crypto training with YOU in mind.
Build YOUR wealth. Build YOUR future. 

We already know how to do this, do you?
Join our family here at Lester’s Capital.

Learn True Market Order Theory

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